chicken and vegetable paella

prep time: tbd
cook time:  tbd
servings:  tbd

1/4 cup olive oil
3 cups diced seasonal vegetables (green beans, zucchini, baby squash, cauliflower)
1 cup seasonal mushrooms
2 pouns chicken legs and thighs - cut up
1 tablespoon chopped fresh garlic
1 cup grated fresh tomato
4 cups water
1/2 cup dry white wine
1 teaspoon pimenton
2 cups spanish bomba or calasparra rice

1.  heat the olive oil in a 15-inch paella pan over medium-high heat.  once hot, sear the vegetables until they are a nice brown color.  remove vegetables from the pan and reserve.

2.  add the chicken in small batches to the pan and sear until skin is golden and crisp.  remove the chicken and reserve.

3.  add the chopped garlic and cook for 2 minutes.  stir in the grated tomato and cook for 1 minutes making sure to scrape up all the browned bits from the chicken.  pour in the wine and let reduce by half, about 2 minutes.

4.  return the vegetables and chicken to the pan and pour in the water.  allow the mixture to boil for 2 mintues to flavor the water.  then stir in the rice.  season to taste with salt and boil for 10 minutes.  do not stir the rice again as this can cause the rice to cook unevenly.

5.  crumble a pinch of saffron across the top of the paella and sprinkle the pimenton evenly.  do not stir the rice.  cook for another 5 minutes.  remove the paella from the heat, cover with a clean kitchen towel and let the paella rest for 5 mintues before serving.

- good, february 2012

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